Hiking In The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve In April 2019

Sunset in the forested area of Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas

As I mentioned in the previous blog, Kevin, Katelynn, Sara and I went to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano yesterday evening. While Kevin was running the trails, the girls and I took pictures of the gorgeous Texas Bluebonnet, and we hiked to the frog pond towards the center of the park. Unfortunately, it is too early for Bull Frog sightings. And the edges of the pond were covered in algae. So we couldn’t see any tadpoles either. But that was okay. We still had a fun walk, which ended with hanging out at the playground for a little bit, while we were waiting for Kevin to be done working out at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.


Lone Star State Flower

Kevin, the girls and I were talking about today’s work and school at the dinner table. It also popped up, that he wanted to run at the Sport Park tonight. So I made the suggestion, we all could go down to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. He can run, while the girls and I hike and capture photos of the Bluebonnets. Katelynn needed to get out of the house anyway. She has an English Language Art (ELA) test in school, tomorrow. And what’s the best way to relax for a bit? Hiking in nature, getting some good fresh air and get the mind off the test. The little things in life are still the best.


Texas Fox Squirrel

Well, original I wanted to blog about my Autumn Squirrel photo. But now, I’m working on trying to figure out the new layout, while writing and adding the photo on WordPress. I guess, it will take a couple of days, until I’m fluent with the new settings. In the meantime, here is a photo of the cute critter I’ve captured at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas.

Texas Fox Squirrel in Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

First Visit At The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve (2013)

Five years ago, Sara and I visited the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve for the first time. It is only seven miles away from our house. But I had no idea it existed, until I looked at a park map on Google one morning. Katelynn was in school. And Sara was bored, because she had no one to play in the house. So I decided, I take her for a hike to the park. The weather was nice and not too warm. It was perfect to see what the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve has to offer. On the way I said to Sara: “Maybe we see some wildlife in the park.”

When we arrived at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, we saw a lot of hikers, sprinters and runners. I told Sara to stay with me on the right side of the trail, for people who work out can pass us on the left. She did very well. We walked into the forested area. And Sara noticed a couple of squirrels chasing each other. One had a couple of pecans in its mouth. And the other squirrel wanted the first one to share at least one of the pecans. Sara and I made it all the way to the Observation Tower, where we had a nice view over a big portion of the park. After a little rest, we hiked back to the parking lot. Sara was counting the bridges, we crossed along the way. She said: “There were three bridges in total. And the squirrels were funny.” I’m glad, she got entertained on this little trip to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. 😉


Hiking In The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve In August

In August, the Prairie seems dry and burned from the hot Summer sun. But looking closer, we still can still see the beauty within it. Drought resistant plants like this weather. And the butterflies and other insects like the flowers provided for them this time of the year.


The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve In May

Yesterday morning, I took a little photo hike through the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, again. More and more flowers begin to blossom all over the park. The Indian Blanket is truly like a blanket covering the prairie. And in between are some dabs of purple, white, blue, and pink.

The bees are busy collecting nectar. And the butterflies laying eggs to keep up with their population. A cardinal sings his beautiful song of Spring to his mate, while a squirrel is looking for some stashed away acorns from last Autumn.

In May is the best time to watch all of Nature’s beauty. Because once we will hit Summer, the sun will “torch” most of it away to make room for other beautiful flora and fauna.


Busy Weeks Before Summer Break

In a little over two weeks the school year is over, and Summer Break will be here. This week and the following, we have lots of events coming up. Tonight is Katelynn’s school band concert; Sara’s dance rehearsal & recital is this week, plus she has a dance performance in a different elementary school. The Sport Award Ceremony is on Thursday.  Yep, busy … busy … busy … But I had time to hike at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to capture some photos of our beautiful Texas Nature. Pictures will follow, tomorrow. In advance, here is a nice shot of a dragonfly:

Wandering Glider Dragonfly


Spring Blooms In April

Some photos from the Spring blooms at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, at this morning:


A Hike In The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve (2)

Yesterday, I wrote about the Texas Bluebonnet at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Since I was capturing photos of these beautiful flowers, I decided to take a little hike to the creek bridge, which leads to the Riparian Forest and the Blackland Prairie. I captures more photos of insects and blooms, while passing the Off-Road Cycling Trail.