A Sweet Autumn Poem

Fall Friends

A farmer made a scarecrow
to frighten crows away.
And the scarecrow got so lonely
standing in that field all day,
he called a crow down from the blue sky
Please sit with me a while.
The crow said, I’m to scared of you.
The straw man gave a smile.
I’ve stood here in this cornfield.
For all my life, I’ve stood.
I’ve guarded corn from crows like you
just like a scarecrow should.
But as I stand, I watch you fly
and wonder what you see.
What is ist like to float through air?
Please sit and talk with me.
The crow sat on a pumpkin
and looked in Scarecrow’s face.
I’ve flown our whole world over,
but this is a special place.
From way up high I watch you
as your cornstalks sway and wave.
I’ve wanted so to meet you
for you look so wise and brave.
They chatted through the afternoon
sharing secrets of both sky and land.
And when old sun began to sink,
Crow flew to Scarecrow’s mitten hand.
I must fly now, but I’ll be back
to sing you songs from up above.
This tale is true. We must believe
in magic and unlikely love.
Author: Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Resource: http://www.poemfarm.amylv.com/2012/10/welcome-to-doodler-samuel-kent.html

“Where Did I Hide That Peanut?”

Since Sandy and Sophie have to share the peanuts with the Blue Jays, the Great-tailed Grackles and an American Crow, the squirrels hide their stash deep in the grass, where the birds can’t see and take them so easily. But when Sandy is hungry and comes back for a snack, she forgets where exactly she put her peanut sometimes. After looking around, she usually finds it nearby the feeder and the bird bath.

North Texas Backyard Wildlife In January (6)

Since my ribs were in the slow cooker, I didn’t have to worry about cooking in the afternoon. Therefore I enjoyed the time in the backyard, before the girls came home from school. While I sat on the patio, lots of birds and Mr. Squirrel came over for a late lunch. There were Blue Jays, Crows, Grackles, House Sparrows, House Finches, a Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, White-winged Doves, etc. I’ve got some good captures of some of the birds.