Beautiful January Winter Sunset II

This was a rough Sunday. My migraine started last night around 2 am, and I had to tough it out until this evening. I’m still not out of the woods. But I feel much better, than I was a couple of hours ago. The weather was beautiful, today. But I missed it all. I decided to go for some fresh air, on the front porch. The sun set already. But the afterglow still looked very beautiful. The rest of the evening, I’ll eat some fruits, turn on my essential oil diffuser, and take it easy. I hope, tomorrow will be a much better day.


DFW Founders’ Plaza Airport Observation Area

Katelynn, Sara and I went to the DFW Founder’s Plaza in Grapevine. The girls are out of school for this week. And the day is too beautiful to sit in the house all day. We watched several airplanes launch and land at the DFW International Airport. When Sara got “ants in her pants”, we had to walk around for a little bit before we drove back home for lunch.