🌸Peach Blossoms🌸

Finally, the first flowers of my peach tree opened today. Shooting sharp photos of them was a little bit of a challenge. We have some pretty strong wind guest, which bring warmer temperatures into North Texas. I had to put my shutter speed and ISO higher, and lower the aperture to get decent images. After this weekend, the whole tree will be in bloom. Hmmm! By July we might have a tree full of ripe peaches. 🍑🌸 

“A Garden Full of Memories”

This was the name of my first blog page I started here on WordPress, three years ago. Original my blogs supposed to be about my garden and the wildlife that visits my yard. But after three months, I ran out of writing ideas. So I gave that blog up. About a year later, I started another blog named “The Barefoot Garden Fairy”. But after two months, I’ve got bored with that as well. It was like starting a journal and then after a few pages in, I neglected it.


This was my first blog on “A Garden Full of Memories”, three years ago.

On New Years Day 2017, I began this blog page and told myself I have to stay focused. But I also have to change some things, if I want to keep “Under The Pecan Tree” running steadily. I decided, I use this page more as a diary. I love to write about daily things, which cross my path. This would include gardening, hiking, traveling, photography, kids’ activities, my creative side, etc. Finally I found what I was looking for in a blog. Over 14 months later, I still keep writing almost every day about my “adventures”. And I still enjoy it.

The moral of this story: If you run out of ideas to blog, try something different. Maybe the page needs a new name. Be creative, and don’t give up writing. Our interests change over the years as well. What was fun yesterday, might not be as interesting today.

Happy Blog Anniversary to me! 

Beautiful Sunset In March

This morning, I missed the beautiful sunrise. Because I had a date with Mr. Pillow and Mr. Blanket. Later in the day, I saw pictures online. And I was like: Grrrrr! How could I miss it?! But we’ve got rewarded with a beautiful March Spring sunset this evening as well.

The Colony Community Garden In Early March

Finally, I made it over to The Colony Community Garden. If it is not sickness in our house, it is the rain that kept me away for a few weeks.About three weeks ago, I cut off the broccoli heads. But I left the rest in my raised bed. When I came back, I found more broccoli grown to my surprise (I did that with the kale all year, and it worked as well). I guess, the rain and the cooler weather was the perfect “chemistry” for the broccoli to keep giving. Probably by next week, I can cut some more. The red cabbages formed tight balls. Now, they need to grow. Katie’s brussels sprouts get bigger and are almost ready for the harvest. Christi was sowing some root vegetables in Winter. In a few weeks, there is a good chance we can pull some radishes. The Church Garden is looking good, too. Onions, savoy cabbages, spinach and other Winter goodies are doing very well in their beds. I also had a big smile, when I saw the Dianthus are coming back blooming in my bed. They like the warm days and cool nights. Everything looks so good. But we all can’t wait for warmer weather. We want to get the tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc. in the soil and grow some good vegetables for the local food pantry.

This year, my plans are: to get more herbs in the beds; I would like to concentrate only on a few vegetables, instead of many. And then rotate the crop. I hope to get a higher yield this way. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂 In the meantime:

🐞🌷Happy Gardening, y’all! 🌷🐞

A Beautiful Spring-like Day In Early March

Today was such a beautiful day. So I spent some time with my camera in the backyard. The photos of the Brown-headed Cowbirds and the little Dark-eyed Junco, I posted in the previous blog. But here are some photos of peach tree buds, wild blooms, Bradford Pear blossoms, and a contrail of an airplane/jet I watched along the sky.

Brown-headed Cowbirds and Dark-eyed Junco

This morning, it was a little bit frosty. Thank goodness, Kevin brought our Meyer Lemon tree in. And I covered my tomatoes and peppers outside, last night. Once it hit 60ºF (16ºC), I uncovered the ‘maters and peppers to let the direct sun shine on them, around noon. While I was watering the beds I’ve noticed, a couple of Brown-headed Cowbirds sat in our tree. One was snoozing in the sun, while the other one had an watchful eye on me. Once I was done watering the plants in the greenhouse and closed the faucet, a little Dark-eyed Junco sat on my chicken fence and looked for food. I said to the bird I would get some, a little bit later. The feeder was just filled up, yesterday afternoon. But the grackles and cowbirds were hungry and came as a whole flock for dinner. I guess, I have to get more bird food ready and fill the feeder again.