The Beautiful Colors of Autumn

The days are still comfortable warm, and the nights are cool. This is the time for planting Autumn flowers. My planter looked so sad and lonely on the front porch Now, with some ‘mums, flowering kale, and ornamental pepper it fits perfectly with the Halloween decoration in the front yard.

No Signs of Autumn In North Texas

This September is just awful, when it comes to the weather in North Texas. Down in Houston, people almost drowned with the tropical depression “Imelda” (yeah, she sounds like a b*tch), last week. And up here, 400 miles north, in DFW we break the record for the hottest and driest September. Our yard hasn’t seen a drop of rain in weeks. The soil is cracking in the yard, despite trying to keep up with the irrigation system. One of the biggest crack is about a foot and a half deep and four inches wide. Kevin needs to get some soil mixed with sand and fill at least that one in. We don’t want have any broken ankles, or broken paws. Since it is so warm, the tree foliage is not turning into Autumn colors anytime soon either. We just hope, it will cool down pretty soon. I’d love to plant some Winter vegetables, which will not germinate in this heat. Some cabbages, carrots, salads, spinach and other goodies would be great to sow and later plant into the garden. Maybe I have to start indoors, where there is air conditioning.

Sara’s Flower Garden (1)

This Spring, Sara wanted to start her own garden. So, we gave her one of the raised beds, where she could do with it, what she likes to do. I helped her with sowing some coneflower, cosmos, hyacinth bean, morning glory, and sunflowers. Over the last several months, I posted photos of her flowers. Now in late Summer, the hyacinth beans finally started to bloom. The seeds themselves were actually from previous flowering in The Colony Community Garden and our home garden. Sara is excited. She is hoping, more hummingbirds come for a visit, before they migrate south to Central America. With a little bit of help from Mom and Dad, there might be a good chance, that one or two of the hummies still will visit Sara’s garden this season.

Here are a couple of photos of a hummingbird, which visited the hyacinth bean blossoms for some fresh and delicious nectar in our garden, a couple of years ago.