Our Greenhouse In Early November 2019

Due to the rain and a cool front coming in, the temperatures went from 77°F (25°C), down to 41°F (5°C) within 24 hours. Yeah, it got cool. And the wind was very chilly this afternoon, too. Instead of doing an Autumn photo walk, I’d rather stayed at home and checked on my plants in the greenhouse. Since they are protected from wind and weather, they are doing very well. We are getting some colors during the gloomier days of Autumn and Winter. That changes the mood. 🙂

Beautiful November Day

What a beautiful warm day it was, today. Temperatures reached up in the high 60s to low 70s, this afternoon. Our fur babies enjoyed a snooze in the backyard, while I had the patio open to let some fresh air into the house. In the early evening, the First Quarter Moon was shining bright in the November sky. It was time to call the pets in for dinner. Fed and groomed, they all sleep on the couch, armchair and ottoman. They are so spoiled. But we wouldn’t want it any other way.

When Kevin came home, I had a good soup cooking on the stove. The mornings are cool, now. Since my family likes a hot soup, stew or chili at this time of the year, I always cook enough food for next day’s lunch. The thermos keeps the meals hot overnight. So, Kevin and the girls don’t have to worry about heating them up at work and in school anymore. A good plan is work half done.

Little Texas Grasshopper

When Kevin and I cleaned up the frontyard and put the Halloween decoration away, I’ve noticed this little grasshopper on the trellis. It seemed like, I’ve got a little helper. 😉

Autumn Bees & Asters

November brings the nice, cooler weather into Texas. While it is still warmer in the afternoons, the honey bees try to get as much nectar as possible for the Winter season. The Texas Prairie, including our property, is covered with “Blue Sky” Asters at this time of the year. These plants provide food for all kinds of insects, birds and mammals. For us, it’s just beautiful to look at the light white/bluish dots in the grass.