Solar Eclipse Poem


Annual Solar Eclipse in North Texas on May 20, 2012

The Solar Eclipse

A one life wonder
A treasure to behold.
Animals all ponder
Stories have been told.

Farmers don’t have a clue
Everybody glares at this sight.
People climb for a better view
Suddenly day turns to night.

Everyone tries to get a glimpse
Out of the blue it turns cold.
Will there be a apocalypse
Next time it occurs, everyone will be old.

Author Unknown

A Visit From The Hummingbird

Kevin mowed the yard, this morning. In the meantime, a few Great-tailed Grackles and a Blue Jay sat under the tree. They watched Kevin and the lawn mower very carefully. Every time he came close to them, they hopped away. When he turned around to mow a different section, they hopped back to their spot under the shading tree. Kevin was amused by watching these birds. He said, they hopped synchronized back and forth on the lawn. The main reason for this hopping around was the food in the bird feeder. Once Kevin was done with mowing the lawn, the birds were all over the bird food. Some House Sparrows and some Northern Cardinals came over for brunch, too.

This commotion caught the interest of the little hummingbird, which resides in the neighbor’s tree. It observed the other birds eating some seeds, looked a little bit further and saw these beautiful hyacinth bean blossoms. Zooom! It’s brunch time for the hummingbird!

Garden Lights

This Summer, my garden lights went out one after the other. Tonight I changed out the batteries. And everything looks like new again. Now, the little garden fairies can easier find their way back home. Sara and her friend from across the street like this very much.


The Dragonfly garden light, which is in my fairy garden in the frontyard.

Stars & Constellation In August

Since the sky is clear, I used the opportunity for doing some stargazing tonight. I’ve got a couple good shots of the Big Dipper (in Ursa Major), the Little Dipper/Ursa Minor, the Spoon & Tea Pot (in Sagittarius) and Scorpio.

Sandy & The Bird Feeder

Earlier today, I saw Sandy having some critter food from the plate I sat out for her and her squirrel friends. A few minutes later, Sara looked outside the patio door window, and yelled: “OMG, MOM! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! IT LOOKS HILARIOUS!” I had to see it for myself. While Sandy tried to get a piece of corn, she tangled from the bird feeder. Not sure, if she was stuck, I walked outside and approached her slowly. Mrs. Rabbit saw me, and ran toward her rabbit escape hole in the fence. Sandy got startled, made a big leap from the feeder to the ground and climbed on top of the fence. There she felt saver and ate her trophy: a piece of corn, before she balanced along the fence top to jump into the neighbor’s tree.

Restless Joshua

Since Finley crossed the rainbow bridge, Joshua started with his restlessness at night. In the beginning Josh’ seemed to be fine. But the meowing and scratching from 2-5 am becomes more frequent, again. We always leave some food and water for the cats out. I pick him up, pet him for a little bit and take him to bed with me. He’s quiet for 15 minutes, and then he starts all over with the “Meeooow!” *scratch, scratch, scratch*. It is nerve-wrecking, because school will start soon. The girls wake up from all that commotion. During the day, Joshua is tired and sleeps on our bed all day. He acts like, nothing happened and snoozes in the bedroom.


After a restless night, Joshua sleeps on our bed during the day.

I wonder if there is a critter or another cat in our yard, at that above mentioned time. But then again, Chewbacca would cause ruckus as well. Chewie usually sleeps all snug up with Luis on the dog bed. Maybe it’s Joshua’s way to mourn for his late friend. He probably misses Finley very much. I’m also aware of cats being noctural. But Joshua makes aweful lots of noises for the last five weeks.