Sinus Cold & The Welcome Rain

Kevin came down with a sinus infection last Sunday. He’s almost over it. Yesterday, I was down with a swollen sinus, earache, toothache, headache and fever. Name an ache, and I had it. After spending a day in bed and taking some fever relief medication, I feel much better today. I’m drinking fluids and eat a little bit. It seems to help. But this cold hit me like a wrecking ball. Now, I’m enjoying the rain hitting the our roof. It sounds so soothing. The temperatures have dropped from yesterday’s 79°F (26°C) to today’s 59°F (15°C). It feels more like October in North Texas. I can breath easier. And even when I don’t feel so great, I stepped outside to get some fresh air. The welcome rain feels so good right now. And I took a moment to captured a few photos by the front porch this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Sinus Cold & The Welcome Rain

    • Oh, I had no clue it is edible. But then again, the ornamental peppers are edible, too. I played it rather “safe than sorry”.

      Thank you! I feel much better than yesterday. That’s a plus. I just need to recover from all this yuckyness.

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    • Thank you, Ms. T.! I feel a lot better. On Wednesday was the worse part of the sinus cold. Now, I’m dealing with lots of gooey stuff. At least, it loosens up and gets out of my body. Haha! So nasty! But I’m much, much better. 😉

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