Joshua, “The Thinker”


Josh’ sits on the roof on top of the garage.

Joshua prepares himself for the darker, cooler Winter days ahead. He senses the days become shorter, the nights longer; and the weather gets cooler. Now, he’s the oldest fur-baby. It’s time to man up and be a good leader of the pack/pride. So many things to “ponder on”.

6 thoughts on “Joshua, “The Thinker”

    • Thank you for asking! Yes, my family and I are okay. We are about 10 – 15 miles North and Northeast from that tornado last night. I didn’t even know about it, until noon. One of my husbands co-workers had a lot of damage to his house and his car is totalled. But him and his wife are well.


      • Goodness. Send my condolences to them.

        I do not miss the hail storms in the Austin area. Damn. You are in the tornado alley area.

        We occasionally get tornadoes in central NC. But, we get to deal with the hurricanes.

        Glad you are OK. ❤

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        • Unfortunately, all are no fun: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. They are fascinating and scary at the same time. And with all three of them it is almost like a “Russian Roullette”. We never know, where and when it makes “BOOM!”. Even with lots of mathematics and guessing, they are very unpredictable.

          When I first came here, we had a tornado coming through Fort Worth in Spring 2004. Since I had no clue about Texas weather and how far the tornado was from our apartment (30 miles), I was very nervous. Over the last 15+years, I learned to live with them. I’m still getting nervous. But I’m more educated about these storms, today. It helps to ease the mind, and hopefully make better decisions.

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