Poor Chewbacca!


Chewbacca rests from the x-rays in the veterinarian’s office.

Usually, Chewbacca likes to go with the dogs outside in the morning. While Luis and Zoey do their businesses and drive the neighbor nuts with their endless barking, Chewbacca checks out the backyard, and jumps up on top of the catio to bask in the morning sun. When I looked at him around 7:30 am on Tuesday morning, he was fine, sitting on the deck, overlooking the yard. Around 1 pm, when I let the dogs out again, Chewbacca laid on the deck. Zoey wanted to check on him. But Chewbacca was very grumpy and growled at her. Something didn’t feel right. I took a closer look and saw, Chewbacca’s left hind leg was severely turned sideways. And it seemed like, his kneecap was dislocated. I petted his leg and somehow felt like, I popped the kneecap back in position.

Since Chewbacca was in pain, I called some veterinarian offices to get him in. Tuesday, I had no chance to get an appointment. And I really, really didn’t want to go to the Pet ER. Kevin called around a little bit more, and got an appointment at a local Vet’s office for Wednesday afternoon.

When the veterinarian saw Chewbacca, he wasn’t sure, if the cat got into a fight with another animal, jumped from a high ground and landed wrong or even got into a car accident. By just looking at Chewbacca, it was also not clear, if his leg was swollen due to an infection or he has broken bones. After the x-rays, we’ve got at least one answer. Chewie’s knee joint in his left knee doesn’t line up. The bones are not broken, but shifted. Therefore his ligaments are messed up as well. The vet said, that only surgery can fix this, and I need to see a specialist for this kind of injury. Okay, I’m glad I’ve got a clear answer, how severe the injury is in Chewbacca’s leg. Chewie also got a couple of shots with antibiotics and an inflammatory medicine. Now, we have an appointment with the surgeon for the consultation, next Thursday. I’ll keep y’all updated as soon as we know more.

Other than that, he’s behaving his normal self. He eats, he drinks, he grooms himself, and he sleeps a lot. I have to encourage him to go to the bathroom and take the lit off, so he can balance his way in the litter box easier. The litter helps him to sit more comfortable, since it is softer than any ground or blankets. Yeah, we will have a long road ahead of us. But it’s so worth it. He barely left my side, when I was sick last year. It’s my turn to take good care of him, while he is in this miserable position.

4 thoughts on “Poor Chewbacca!

    • Yes, we will see a good surgeon on Thursday. They have several facilities all over Dallas/Fort Worth. On a good note: he’s coming more around, and not just rests all day in the bedroom. He needs human interactions. The antibiotic seems to work. He doesn’t feel so warm anymore. So his fever must have been vanished. It won’t be cheap, getting him fixed up. Hopefully, he will have a better live after the surgery. A previous vet mentioned, that Chewbacca will have issues with his knee in the long run. Maybe, the surgery will fix this problem for good. and he has a long happy life.

      Yeah, I love his name too. He was named Chewbacca by the shelter staff. I thought, that was cute and decided to keep the name. It’s unique. 😉

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