Tinker’s Harvest Lantern For The Garden

Last year, I made another Tinkerbell lantern. But I’ve never posted it, due to a lot of events. After the treatments, I completely forgot blogging about it. It sat on our dining table for over a year. And now, I finally have come around to capture some photos and post them. Better now, than never. πŸ˜‰

This lantern I made with tissue paper, which I’ve glued on the outside of the jar. I’ve printed Tinkerbell, cut out the silhouette and glued it to the inside of the lantern. As a harvest decor, I’ve got one of these plastic berries from the Dollar Store and wrapped the wire around the top of the glass jar. For the girls, I use flameless, battery-operated flicker candles. Mainly Sara loves to sit the lanterns on top of her shelf next to the bed, and turn on the candles, before she goes to sleep. After the season, this will be a new addition, used as a night light. She already cleared a spot for it in her room.

Ivy-leaved Morning Glory


Ivy-leaved Morning Glory (Ipomoea hederacea)

Ha, I learned something new this morning. I knew only the Morning Glory with the heart-shaped leaves, which we had them growing in our garden a couple of years ago. This morning, I’ve look at the vine, which is wrapped around my hummingbird feeder pole. I’ve noticed, the shape of the leaves were different. So, I did some online research. And sure enough, we have an Ivy-leaved Morning Glory vine growing in Sara’s flower garden. Thank goodness, I’ve got my camera out to capture a photo. At noon, the flowers were wilted, due to the Texas’ Summer heat.