Happy Two Weeks Anniversary, Ozzy!

Wow! This week was big for lil’ Ozzy. Joshua and him became closer friends. And Ozzy finally got neutered on Wednesday.  After we brought him back home in the afternoon, Josh’ was the one waiting for him at the door. But it didn’t take long, until both cats were their old selves, again. Ozzy: “Let’s play catch! TAP! You’re it!” Joshua: “Dangit, leave me alone little @#$%!” 😹


Ozzy enjoys his life in the Chester Household.

4 thoughts on “Happy Two Weeks Anniversary, Ozzy!

    • Ozzy is getting big, now. And he meows more like a cat, not like a kitten. He learns only from the best: Joshua and Chewbacca. Now, all what they have to still show him is to cover up after his business, and staying off the dining table. 😹


      • Do the others train him for you?

        My Ollie…Hm…he will scratch and scratch to cover pee. Poop? He just drops and hops. I’m like “Why can’t you cover your t****? You’ll dig to China to cover pee!” Crazy cat.

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        • Some cats are too good to cover their poop. Especially the boys. My two Mainecoon cats cover up after their business. Finley did two stretches and hopped out. When it is not covered, it stinks all over the house. You should see me running, cleaning up after them as soon as Ozzy is done. 😹


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