Ozzy, The Kitten

Say Hello to our new kitten, Ozzy, We’ve adopted him today. This morning I woke up, and decided, it’s time for a new cat to complete our house again, After Finley crossed the rainbow bridge, I had a hard time to even think about adopting a new cat for the last two years. But today was the day. I know Finley looks down from cat heaven, and is very proud that another animal found a furever home in our family.

Ozzy came home with us, and we introduced him to the gang. Luis sniffed out the box, while Ozzy tried to get out of it. Ozzy gave Luis a nose kiss, and they were buds from that moment onward. Chewbacca was next, he sniffed Ozzy’s butt. It’s funny, because this is usually the dogs’ job. But Chewbacca is a “dog” in his own way. Then our diva, Joshua, saw Ozzy. OMG, speaking of diva and drama. Joshua hissed and was mad, because he is so jealous. Chewbacca gave him a piece of his mind. And Joshua is mad at everyone, now. We have to give josh’ about 48 hours, and he will be alright. Even Lexi came out from her nap to welcome Ozzy into the family.

Sara played with Ozzy all afternoon. Now, they are both tired and take a nap on the couch. They literally pooped each other out.

Ozzy, the Cat

6 thoughts on “Ozzy, The Kitten

    • Ozzy reminds us a lot of Finley. Finley had a dot on his nose as well. It was offset. But that made him look unique. Maybe Finley came back as a kitten. πŸ˜‰


        • Mostly indoor. But we have a catio to let the cats outside. And sometimes, I let Chewbacca roam in the backyard, since he stays on our property. Joshua runs at large. I had to pick him up at the neighbors and the shelter a few times. And we don’t know yet, how Ozzy will behave outdoors. So, he stays in the house for now. It is too warm, anyway. πŸ˜‰


          • I was wondering. All of my previous cats were indoor/outdoor. My Ollie is strictly indoors. He is a big boy and I got a big litter box. I was wondering how you manage all of your litter boxes. My others didn’t use a litter box, much but, I kept one for them, just in case.

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            • They all use one. My girls and I just have to clean it more frequently to keep the boys healthy. My Mainecoon cats always shared one. And the little guy just steps in there, checks it out and leaves his business there. It just needs to stay clean.

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