Travel Journal, Day 7: From Willits, California To Dallas, Texas

June 7, 2019

Kevin, Katelynn, Sara and I had so much fun on our trip in the Pacific Northwest. But we all had to admit, we were ready to go back home. The night before, we’ve sorted and packed our items in the luggage, making sure, what we want to take on board as a carry-on and what will be checked in. Everything was in the car, and we were ready to drive to San Jose the next morning. In San Jose, we had to bring back the rental car. In the airport, we’ve still had time for another hour to print out our tickets and check in our luggage. Sara saw a piano and played some tunes for a few minutes. This girl needs piano lessons. She needs to learn to read keys and play by sheets, and she will do great at the instrument.

Once we could check-in, we all had lunch in the airport. At 2 p.m. Kevin gets a message on his phone, we didn’t like at all. The flight was delayed from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. I got frustrated and said, that the company sucks. Kevin got even more frustrated, that I had to calm him down. He was tired, and he just wanted to get home. The girls were well-behaved, played games on their phones, watched a movie and had snacks. At least that helped the situation. We also had to make plans, where we would eat for dinner in the airport. When we were in the airplane, the pilot took the shortest, but safest airline route to get us to Dallas. The jet stream did its part as well. We’ve arrived in Dallas at about 1 a.m. (CDT). The flight was about 30 to 45 minutes shorter, than planned in first place. That night, we didn’t care about unpacking. We went straight to bed and worried about everything else the next morning.

Tired and frustrated, I wasn’t sure, if I’d fly with Southwest Airlines again. But after we were rested for a couple of days, I said to Kevin, that the company was always friendly and even when they screwed up, they did their best to accommodate us. They kept their word and still delivered. So, it wasn’t that bad after all. I’d give them another chance. But I would prepare for any lost luggage and delay in the future.


8 thoughts on “Travel Journal, Day 7: From Willits, California To Dallas, Texas

    • Very true! I had great experiences with other airlines, and people complained about these airlines, too. It was just a bit much losing our luggage in the beginning and then the delay at the end. But as I stated, the airline company did everything to accommodate us. And everyone was very friendly. I should give them another chance.


        • Yes, before you enter the gates, you have to go through the checking. Since 9/11 everything became more strict. In San Jose I went through the “wrong” line, and hit the full body scanner. It was okay. I have nothing to hide. My right foot must have been swollen a little bit. So, the lady checked my right sock as well. But it’s nothing I haven’t been through before. 😊


            • Personally, I have no issues with it. Since I’m from a foreign country and have nothing to hide, I’m for it. I give them respect; they give me respect.


                • Hmmm! I think there is more radiation coming from our TVs, computers, smartphones, our planet, the Sun, etc. There have been studies about it. But nothing is really confirmed, that it is dangerous for us. I think, whem Mr. Roentgen first discovered the X-rays in Wuerzburg in 1895, they were way more dangerous than the radiation in those machines. But we also found out, that minimal radiation can cause cancer, in the meantime. So, I also understand your concern as well. It’s a debate. And there has to be a lot more studies to actually confirm, if it is a big risk.

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