Travel Journal, Day 4 (Part IV): Seattle’s Famous Pike Place Market

June 4, 2019

Next to the MoPOP is the Seattle Center Monorail Station. Kevin got round trip tickets, and we rode to the Westlake Station, where the Pike Place Market is only a few blocks away. Once, we arrived at the Public Market Center, I was fascinated from the fresh fruits, vegetables and all kinds of sea foods. At one corner we saw a crowd of people and heard  loud noises. When we came closer, we’ve noticed, it was the place, where they throw the fish over the counter. Pike Place Market/Pure Food Fish Market is famous for that “Fish Throw” all around the world. Kevin and I wanted to witness it. And we didn’t come short. One sales person shouted the order, and the rest of the crew repeated the order in sync several times. Nobody can say, they didn’t hear the order. People come from all over to buy fresh fish from Pure Food Fish Market. Katelynn wanted to throw a fish, too. I said, she needs to apply for a job at the fish market, then she can practice throwing fish, before she can go do it like the big guys behind those counters. “It’s hard work, throwing a good fish over the counter in a famous place”, I replied. We also looked at these small, nifty little stores on several floors, before we moved on to the Water Front. Card readings, Buddhist supplies, Pagan/Wiccan supplies, clothes, second hand books, .. just to name some of the stores, we’ve seen in a small area. Now, I wish we’ve stayed longer at the Pike Place Market. It’s a good reason to come back to Seattle.

… to be continued …

3 thoughts on “Travel Journal, Day 4 (Part IV): Seattle’s Famous Pike Place Market

    • When you make it to Seattle, you definitely want to go. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers; nifty little stores, libraries, a gum wall, and many other things to see, smell and taste. I saw maybe 5% of what the Pike Place Market has truly to offer. I probably have to spend a whole afternoon, if not a whole day on the market to see all these places. Oh, and Pike Place Market has the first Starbucks Store. But Seattle has a Starbucks at every corner. So, when you wait in line far enough in the back, you might be the first in line at the one around the next corner. 😀 😉


      • LOL! I would love that place. My first introduction to Whole Foods was HQ on 5th in downtown Austin. Lunched there quite a bit with my co-workers. And, because of that, all other Whole Foods are pitiful in comparison. I was so spoiled.

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