Travel Journal, Day 4 (Part III): The Museum of Pop Cuture – MoPOP (CityPASS)

June 4, 2019

After lunch our next stop was at the Museum of Pop Culture also called MoPOP, formerly EMP Museum. The Museum has a lot to offer. Tons of exhibits, instruments, recordings, etc. Katelynn and Sara spent some time in the Indie Game Revolution room, playing some older video games. In the meantime, I enjoyed photographing the Guitar Sculpture, which I also call “The Guitar Tornado”. It sure does look like a big instrumental tornado. It also includes other instruments, like keyboards, trumpets, clarinets, drums, …

Upstairs, Katelynn, Sara and I played some instruments. Wow, I had some serious fun playing drums to a Rolling Stone song. First the video did show me, how to play the drums, which made me play out rhythm a little bit. But once, I “played with the band”, it was fun. I guess, I had to hear all instruments coming together. It made it easier sticking with the rhythm .

But we’ve also visited some of the exhibits. it was very interesting to look at some original instruments, clothes, journals, and other items, Nirvana, Prince and Jimi Hendrix used in the recording studios and on tour. UGH! May they all rest in peace!


Nirvana – Taking Punk to the Masses

The exhibition features instruments like Kurt Cobain’s Fender Stratocaster, Krist Novoselić’s Hiwatt DR103 bass amplifier head, and Dave Grohl’s Tama Rockstar-Pro drum kit. In addition, a diverse set of objects like the Cobain-created Fecal Matter shirt and the casting call flier for the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video will be on display.


Prince From Minneapolis

From the very beginning of his career, Prince worked to create a unique and dynamic professional image. He reached out to photographers in Minneapolis to construct and disseminate what is now his legendarily theatrical image and identity. Four of those photographers—Allen Beaulieu, Nancy Bundt, Terry Gydesen, and Robert Whitman—are showcased in this exhibition. With nearly 50 artifacts, including 25 photos of Prince, 15 Prince-inspired artworks, a Prince guitar, and 2 outfits from the film Purple Rain, this comprehensive gallery allows guests to experience Prince’s unrivaled artistry at key moments in his career.


Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad, 1966 – 1970

From his arrival in London to his untimely death on September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix was rarely in one place for more than a month. Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad, 1966-1970 offers a contemplative look at the period of Hendrix’s life spent on the road as he catapulted to fame.


Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame

Explore the lives and legacies of the genre’s greatest in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors science fiction and fantasy’s leading creators and most impactful creations.


Texts of the exhibits are not from me, but from the official website:

… to be continued …

6 thoughts on “Travel Journal, Day 4 (Part III): The Museum of Pop Cuture – MoPOP (CityPASS)

    • Ha,ha, I’ve seen pictures of the guitar tornado before. But I had to see it with my own eyes. Yep, Prince had a nice afro back in the 70s. I probably had spent another hour or two in it. But the girls wanted to go and see something else. They will appreciate Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and all the other artists better, once they grow up and mature a bit more. Yesterday, we had a big talk about Paul McCartney and his influence in the music business. They yawned, until my husband told them, that he wrote some of the music, the girls can hear now in their favorite songs. 😀


        • Since my daughters are in marching band and dance, I hope they will pick it up. I said, that it is important general knowledge to keep up a good conversation. It’s also good to know about the Beatles, before the band director or dance teacher asks, who Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are/were in music history. It won’t hurt, we let them know as parents.


          • I loved marching band.

            My childhood household didn’t have Beatles. Heh. I grew up in an Elvis, Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, Gene Pitney and Buddy Holly household with some Johnny Cash & Charlie Rich thrown in. My mom liked the Four Seasons and George Benson.

            Music knowledge is a grand thing!

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