Venus Looking Glass Wildflower

I never can wait for May to arrive in Texas. This is the most colorful time of the year, when the Texas Prairie is in full bloom. We live in the Blackland Prairie zone, and I always love to “discover” new wildflowers. Several years ago, I stumbled across this beautiful and delicate purple flower named “Venus Looking Glass”. While I can’t find it on our property, I always sneak over to catch a few photos in my neighbors’ yard. Right now, they have several spots growing along the grass strip in the back alley.

Today, I had some fun playing with the filters on my computer. I wanted to see, how the photos come out. Hmm, they look very interesting compared to all the colorful pictures. But the filtering is not something, I’d do on a regular basis. I like the natural colors so much better. πŸ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Venus Looking Glass Wildflower

      • I’ve stomped around Fort Worth many times. At one time, my ex & I were looking at land in Azle around 2004, 2005. I spent a great deal of time traveling back & forth between the Austin area and the Houston area. I had a classmate of mine living, first in La Marque, then moving to Spring. I loved Galveston.

        I’ve been to a Renaissance Faire in Waxahachie.

        Lived there July 2002 – May 2011.

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        • Sadly I’ve never made it to the Houston/Galveston area. I’ve been in Austin, San Antonio, Midland/Odessa, El Paso, Wichita Falls, Amarillo, and of course some parts of East Texas. But for some reason Houston was always in a different direction from where I was going. Hopefully, I’ll make it down there sooner or later. πŸ˜‰


          • Heh. I never made it to the Midland/Odessa area. The closest I got to Wichita Falls was Abilene. I knew someone that lived in WF but, never made it to his city.

            My supervisor at the time (RIP) had a ranch outside of Abilene in Clyde (I did a tribute series on his pictures on my blog). He gave me a tour of the area. Lots of wind farms. They are weird looking from the highway near Sweetwater.

            I never made it to El Paso or anything farther south of San Antonio. Galveston @ Christmas is really cool. Old Spring is really cool. I loved the Bryan/College Station area. My classmate buddy’s daughter graduated from A&M. Aggies love to party! I also developed a fondness for Conroe. Never made it to Beaumont, tho.

            I loved traveling around to all the small towns. SO much history…mom & pop restaurants…unique homes… Loved Georgetown, too!

            Sorry. I’m babbling. ☺

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            • Haha! That’s alright. I enjoy reading through your reply. Texas is a huge state. There is still so much to see. I have a school friend living in Conroe, TX. We both came from Germany to Texas years ago. Texas is big, but the world is small. πŸ˜‰


                • Yeah, it’s time consuming to plan a trip to Europe. I always tell people from this side of the “pond”, if they want to travel to Europe to pick a few good spots they want to see. There is so much too see and sooo much history. It’s a lot to take in. I wouldn’t do it all at once. Maybe a two-week trip, let some years pass, seek destinations in other parts of the world, and then travel to another European place.
                  But I have to admit, I haven’t been over there in all these years. I love travelling the US and Canada. Australia is on my bucket list for a few decades. So much to do …


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