Our Halloween Outdoor Decoration 2018


Kevin and I had the Halloween decoration up, since September 30th. The last couple of weekends we’ve got rained out, so we couldn’t finish setting the lights up. But we finally could do it today. I’m so happy the lights are done. On Halloween, we get the witch out.

After all the rain, the rest of the Halloween lights are up finally this weekend.


2018, In The Garden

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon In October

After all these rainy days, it was wonderful to have a sunny weekend. This Sunday afternoon, I just sat outside and enjoyed the sun. It’s also the season, the Monarchs migrates south, while other wildlife stays here and takes in the last days of the warmer weather. I watched the little bees and a Canna Leafroller collecting nectar from my flowers in the frontyard. Everyone prepares for the cooler season ahead. But when it is warm, we all come out and get as much of the warm rays of the sun as we can.

Larger Canna Leafroller gets some nectar from our roses in the frontyard on this nice, sunny Sunday afternoon.