Goodbye September! Hello October!

October almost is here!

Woohoo! My favorite month of the year is almost here. It rhymes! And usually what rhymes is good. 😉 It is Pumpkin season. The days are still warm, but the nights begin to cool off. It is the time for pumpkin spice and pumpkin latte. The porches are decorated for Halloween. It is becoming a little bit more “spooky” and “creepy” in the neighbor hood. I love October!

2018, In The Garden

Blooming Clematis

Last year in Spring, I planted a root of a clematis in my garden. I’ve had a small plant growing that year. But when the Texas Summer arrived, it was gone. First I thought, the heat “killed” it. And I said to myself: “Oh well, I gave it a try. Maybe the roots will come back later.” Sure enough, the plant came back this Spring. It grew into a vine. But no blooms all Spring and Summer. This morning, when I checked on my plants in the garden, I saw something blooming behind the greenhouse. I walked over there to get a better glimpse. Oh my, I have five clematis blossoms on the vine. All this waiting finally paid off. I guess, all the rain and the cooler temperature in the last few days helped a lot, too.


The Full Harvest Moon 2018

Tonight’s Full Harvest Moon (09-24-2018)

Harvest Moon, Corn Moon, Barley Moon

The pumpkins, squash and beans are ready for harvest. And the bright light of the Harvest Moon allows us the extra time needed to finish the harvest. The leaves on the trees begin to turn color. The Summer’s sunshine gives way to the Autumn’s darkening evenings. The September Full Moon is a time to find balance in our lives, of settling into a slower rhythm after the Summer’s adventures. It is a time of giving thanks and enjoying the abundance in our lives.

Resource: http://www.naturalsuburban.com


Autumnal Equinox/Mabon 2018

Today begins my favorite season of the year. I love Autumn! It’s time to bake some apple pies and lit the pumpkin spice candles in the house. Since it rains here, it gives it the little extra flair of Autumn today. Kevin started to hang up some Halloween lights, this morning. Once it tries up, I have to clean up the porch and decorate it for the Autumn festivities.

Happy first day of Autumn! Blessed Mabon!

🍁🍂🍃Happy Harvest! Blessed Mabon!🍃🍂🍁


The Day After My Ablation/Laparoscopic Surgery

Yesterday, I finally got my uterine ablation and my laparoscopic surgery done. Since I’m fighting chronic anemia and developed some blood clots in my portal and splenic veins, I had to fix the heavy bleeding during menstruation. The Pill and the IUD was not an option. Therefore my OBGYN and I rooted for the uterine ablation. But the ablation alone is not a 100% contraception to prevent me from getting pregnant. We also decided that I get my fallopian tubes removed while I’m in anesthesia. Said, done! I was in the hospital as a day-patient. The surgery started around 1 pm. And at 7:45 pm I was released from the hospital. Unfortunately I had a little bit a harder time with the nausea from the anesthesia, the doctor’s and nurses wanted to keep an eye on me. I warned them before, I might get very nauseated. They fixed it with me breathing alcohol strips and an IV, which prevented me from throwing up. And by the time they wheeled me out, I was doing perfectly fine again. I didn’t even feel it, when Kevin gave me a ride back home.

Today, I’m taking two Tylenol every six hours. I feel a pinch here and there. But overall, I’m doing much better than I anticipated. Every time after I used the bathroom, I walk around in the house for little bit. The blood needs to keep flowing throughout my body. But I also get exhausted very easily. I’m so glad, the surgery went well and is over. There was a lot on my mind, the last few weeks. Now, I can rest my mind and heal from the procedure. Since I’m getting bored very easy, I use the opportunity to work back to back on my blogs. I couldn’t get out much, the last couple of months. So, I’ll post photos from previous Summers and early Autumns. I’m glad, I’m back! 😉


Fungus Among Us

When it is cool enough and it rained or we have some dew, the mushrooms begin here and there to pop up in our yard in the morning. It feels like being in a fairy land, at this time of the year. This little fungus grew in the shade behind our house in the backyard.