I Like This Kind of Iron Rich Food

After my release from the hospital I took it easy for the rest of the day, yesterday. And I slept a lot today. Yesterday was exciting and exhausting. I needed some recovery. Kevin cooked good meals for us all day, today. This morning, I had a banana. Kevin put also banana slices and strawberry slices in my pancake. So delicious! He grilled for lunch. We had a flat iron steak, a little bit of potato and lots of vegetables. This evening, he made me a Chicken-Blue Cheese-Cranberry salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes and bell pepper. I had an apple after that, and mentioned: “Hm, that had been a good addition for the salad as well. I didn’t think of that.” And as a snack, I had Pistachios. I read up on them, that they are very iron rich nuts. It just so happened, they are on sale in our local grocery store this week. Yep, I really love this kind of iron rich food. ❤

Did you know, that pistachios are four times richer in iron, than almonds and cashews? (Pistachio is a nut in the cashew family.)

I hope, I will feel fit in the upcoming days. In the early mornings, the temperatures are not so warm. That gives me the chance to walk for a little bit and therefore I exercise my body. I need to get fit for our upcoming Utah vacation. And of course, I need to keep it going. I don’t want a scare like I had yesterday in the early morning hours, again. No fun!

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