Life Can Change In A Heart Beat

Well, one minute I was well. And in another, I had to wake up Kevin to call the paramedics. Last night, when I readjusted my blanket and covered up my feet, I began to feel dizzy. I tried to breath, but it didn’t want to get any better. My heart started to race, and it felt like it wanted jump out of my chest. Usually I don’t panic easily. But this scared me. I asked Kevin to call 911. Since the Fire Department is right around the corner from our street, they needed less than a minute. “There are so many fire fighters and paramedics here!” I’ve noticed. Five men were standing around my bed, and at least another two or three were standing in our hallway. I made it on foot to the stretcher. The paramedics took very good care of me, while we were getting to the hospital. While they checked my vitals, the machine told them, my heart beat was irregular. It was bouncing all over the place.

In the hospital, the nurses took my blood, information, asked me more questions and let me rest for a bit. Kevin arrived shortly later. He wanted to make sure, Katelynn was okay at home. Because she got startled, when she woke up to the noises in the house and saw emergency lights in front of her window. (Kevin explained more to her, when he came back from the E.R. She was very concerned about me. Sara slept like a rock, and had no idea what happened, until she noticed I’m not around.) When the blood work came back, the E.R. doctor explained to me, that I have low blood count and iron deficiency (Anemia). That explains, why my whole body went haywire. Since the doctors wanted to  put me on watch, I’ve got admitted to the hospital. They did more tests, blood work, more IVs to keep me from getting nauseated and a dose of iron. Kevin, Katelynn and Sara came for a short visit to see how I was doing and to find out, when I might be released.

At about 2:30 p.m. I was released from the hospital. Kevin picked me up. We went to pick up my medications at the pharmacy, before we arrived at home. After sitting in the arm chair for 15 minutes, I went to bed and slept for three hours. And it felt so good. Kevin cooked dinner, and it was great to sit all at the dinner table together.

I have to do more doctor visits and get checked out for a few things; go on a healthier diet and do some exercise. With other words, I have to change my life around. This was a wake up call. And it also explains, why I felt so sluggish over the last months and years.

I can say this for sure: Today was a very eventful day. Not as we all were expecting it, but it was eventful. But I’m glad to know, what is going on with my body and we can go from there.