My Knitting Project

Last Winter, Kevin and I have noticed that the new tiled floors make the house feel cooler. We talked about getting a few runners. When we spend a good Dollar on something, I want to last it for several years. And I need to like it. In the meantime, a DiY-carpet runner has to do the job keeping us warm. Kevin ordered a French Knitter, which arrived yesterday. Last night, I started with my little project. In the photos it shows the beginning of a round carpet for the front room. It keeps me busy, while I watch TV after the girls are in bed. The pictures show the blue much lighter. But it is actually called “pool”. Today, I added “mint” as a second color. I’ll keep you updated with this knitting project.

2 thoughts on “My Knitting Project”

    1. Thank you, Erika! In real, it’s darker. I don’t know, why the camera didn’t pick that up. I guess, I should have captured with my big NIKON instead of my Coolpix. With the big camera, I can control the setting and the light. 😀


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