Cumulonimbus Mammatus Clouds

After the rain was gone and the sky cleared out west, Sara and I watched some beautiful clouds, named Cumulonimbus Mammatus, in the sky. They don’t have to be always perfectly round (utter-shaped) to be called Mammatus. It’s fun to look them, at this time of the year.

Rainy May Day

This morning, the rain was so soothing that we slightly overslept. We still all made it to work and school in time. But Kevin usually gets up 30 minutes earlier than he did today. That half an hours is HIS wake up and shower time, before he wakes Sara and me up. Since Katelynn’s school begins much later, she can snooze another 45 min., before it is time for her to get up.

It is mild outside. Flora and Fauna can use all this precious water, before it will get hot in the upcoming several days. Kevin will be busy, mowing the lawn more frequently as well. But today, I just take the beauty of this soaking and cleansing rain in.