The Bail Is Set For One Log of String Cheese 😉

Name: Jerry, the Harvest Mouse

Gender: unknown (it goes by Jerry)
D.O.B. unknown
Imprisoned for the charges of Trespassing a human property; Multiple noise complaints over the past 12 months; Eating too much cheese.
Awaiting trial in Rodent Jail* 
Bail is set for One Log of String Cheese.
The date is set for Wednesday, April 11 2018 at 6:00 P.M. CDT

*The trial will include seven jury members, unless Mr. Squirrel and four birds show up in time (dangit, we should have kept the ducklings … JK!)


Jerry, the Harvest Mouse awaits trail in Rodent Jail, The Colony, Texas.


A Mouse On Trial

Mr. Mouse deserved a fair trial. To be safe, we had to put a couple of Jury members behind a glass door. Close to the end, the Jury was still undecided (10:2). Two members of the Jury wanted Mr. Mouse fried and for dinner, therefore he was guilty for them.

Mr. Mouse defended himself by saying, that the smell of fresh meat on the grill lured him into the yard. One of the Jury members invited him inside the house. It was not his fault trespassing the human property. He’s a mouse and follows his taste buds. Once he was in the house, two of the Jury members chased him. (Good Jury is so hard to find these days!) The only way to get away, he ran behind the dish washer. There was a hole in the wall. And he jumped in there to be safe from these two mean kitty cats, which wanted to eat him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find his way back out. So he made a lot of ruckus to let the humans know, he was trapped. The humans cut a bigger hole on the other side of the wall space. And he could smell the cheese coming from outside that hole in the wall. Over time, he ate half a dozen cut up pieces of cheese. But every time, the humans turned on the light, the cats followed them and he got scared. He ran back into the wall. Finally, he got a sweet taste of peanut butter & a chocolate chip breakfast bar. He was very careful, not to step on the lever, because he knew it was a trap. But the kitty cat startled him. He jumped, and the gate closed behind him. He was trapped in Rodent Jail. He sat there and ate the last crumbs of the chocolate chip breakfast bar, until it was time for his trial.

The Judge had a big heart for the tiny mouse and spoke him from all three charges. Later, Mr. Mouse was set free at a nearby field. It has thick grass and a pond. Once the trap was on the ground, Mr. Mouse couldn’t believe the gate was open. But then he jumped out of his prison and leaped over the field into the thick, green grass. He was free at last. Now, Mr. Mouse is back in the hands of Mother Nature. May he live a long healthy life. ❤