Our Early April Garden

While the Texas weather plays April Fool’s in the first week of the month, our garden is in good care. Yesterday was cold, today is warm and extremely windy, and tomorrow morning we supposed to get 39ºF (4ºC). The forecast shows no end to this bi-polar weather. This evening, I have to cover the more sensitive plants to protect them from the cool night. The months of April is always challenging. But their is a saying: April Showers Bring May Flowers! We just need to get over this little hump in Spring.

This morning, I checked my vegetables. And I saw some of them peeking their little heads out between the leaves. We have a tiny bell pepper, a couple of jalapeño, and a teeny tiny head of cauliflower. Last Winter, I lost my cauliflowers due to the freeze. This Spring, I’m babying them. I’m so determined to grow cauliflower. Because my grand parents had no success with it, in their garden in southern Germany. I want to prove to myself, I can do it. 😉 When I’m successful, my family will have a good cauliflower meal. ❤