There Is A Parrot In My Tree

A few years back one afternoon Sara played in the sandbox, while I took care of some chores in the house. About 10 minutes later, Sara comes into the house: “Mom, there is a green bird in the tree!” “A green bird? Are you sure, it’s a green bird?” The only green bird I could think off was a hummingbird. “Maybe it is a bird with a different color. And the leaves of the tree make it appear to be green?” “No, Mom! It’s green … like a parrot!” she insisted. I went outside and looked towards the tree. And sure enough, there sat a African Ringneck Parrot on a branch.

First, I got my camera and captured some pictures, so I could post them to a local online lost pet page, in hope the bird belongs to a close neighbor. And then I called the local shelter for help to get the parrot securely out of my tree. About 45 minutes later, the officer showed up with a net and a cage. Unfortunately, we’ve dealt with a very smart (maybe not so smart) bird, which flew to a higher branch. After standing there for another 15-20 minutes, the officer told me to call him, when the bird comes back down to feed on the bird feeder. In the meantime, I’ve got some advice from my neighbors online. I sat out a bowl with some fresh spinach leaves, some freshly cut up apple slices, and some peanuts. The waiting game began. A Red-winged Blackbirds got curious about the fresh apple slices. And this little parrot was watching everything from a safe distance.

Over the next several weeks, we still couldn’t catch the parrot. But we made sure, it was well fed with seeds, fruits and vegetables. We even gave it a name: Sydney. Sydney had his little territory around our house. Usually, he flew like three houses down each direction. And when we called him, he came over for food and water. He is a very smart bird by speaking fluent languages of wild birds and cat. When one of our cats came into the yard, he warned the other birds: “Meow-Meow!” 😀

One day after he visited us daily for over four months, Sydney didn’t come around anymore. We were wondering what happened to him. It took us almost another year to find out. Katelynn and Sara played with a couple of their friend’s parrots down the street. When the girls came home, Katelynn said: “I think, I have seen Sydney. But I’m not sure.” The girls and I walked down to their friend’s house. And sure enough, Sydney sat in a cage with another parrot. The friend’s grandma said, she saw a parrot flying around. Her other bird’s wings are too short and therefore it can not fly. So she could keep the cage door open. One morning, she had two parrots sitting in the cage. I told her our story, how we found “Sydney”. She said,  unfortunately she couldn’t find the owner either. My heart was sad a little bit. Because Sydney was free at my house, and now he’s caged. He might have not survived very long. But he seemed so happy, when he was free. 😦 At least I found the answer, where he ended up that Summer in 2015.