“Hey, You Are Not A Bird!”

Mr. Squirrel finally got evicted from our attic on Sunday. Kevin saw Mr. Squirrel hanging around in the backyard. And he used the opportunity to close the holes, the Squirrel gnawed into to the netting , which leads into the attic. It might be only a temporarily fix. But I haven’t heard any tenants upstairs since.

Today, Mr. Squirrel found some goodies in the tube feeder. That feeder supposed to be for the cardinals and the finches. But a hungry squirrel doesn’t care. He got himself an easy fix of seeds and berries, this morning. When I let Luis out, he will make friends with the squirrel. My cats would chase him over the fence and all the way down the alley. But then, they wouldn’t come home for several hours or end up in the shelter. So, I let that critter eat my bird seeds as always. Let’s just hope, he doesn’t find his way back into the attic.

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