Spring Season Is Mating Season

There is some love, and also some fighting over mating rights and ‘when?’, ‘where?’, ‘how?, going on my backyard. Mr. Cardinal sings the most wonderful songs to his Love, and even Mr. Blue Jay is not screaming so loud as usual and rather helps Mrs. Blue Jay with the perfect nesting spot high in the tree. But while Ms. Mockingbird enjoys, that two males are arguing and literally fighting over her in my trees and on my roof most of the time, she still can’t decide which ‘guy’ she wants to partner up with this season.


“Decisions, decisions, decisions!”

On the other end of my yard sits Mrs. White-winged Dove and coos to her mate from the gazebo frame: “Would you just quit the talking and get this whole mating thing started, so I still can tell Elvira (must be her friend) the newest gossip from the alley, today!!!”

I guess, these two ladies have their own struggles with their men in Spring. I hope, I’ll see some nests with some cute little mockingbird chicks and white-winged dove chicks, soon. 😉


UPDATE: In Spring, weeks after I wrote this blog on “A Garden Full of Memories”, both ladies built a nest and raised their chicks in my yard. Here are photos of their nests in 2015:

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