Our Vegetable Garden In Mid-March🌱🍅🥦🌶️

It is getting warmer in Texas. In the beginning of the week it still felt like Winter. By the end it will feel like late Spring/early Summer. But I still have to keep a close eye to the temperatures, since we still get 30s and 40s (-1ºC to +9ºC) some nights. During the day it is wonderful to get everything ready for the Spring garden.

Today, I decided to plant my tomatoes a little bit deeper. Their roots are not as  established, yet. I still could dig around the roots and drop them with some Epsom salt lower into the soil. The peppers will bloom soon. I found some good size buds on them. And the rest, which were planted earlier is doing very well in the raised beds. Our plants are growing.  I finally planted the cauliflower and kohlrabi in one of the beds. Since I lost them to a freeze last December, I was very hesitant until now. When it gets too cool, I have to cover them. We easily could get another cold snap here in North Texas in mid-April. The magic temperature number is 55ºF (13ºC) for the tomatoes. When the ‘maters get covered, the cauliflowers, kohlrabi and peppers will get covered as well.

4 thoughts on “Our Vegetable Garden In Mid-March🌱🍅🥦🌶️

  1. Good luck with your cauliflower! It looks perfect. I don’t actually grow it, but I’ve heard people complain about how hard it is to get a white head and it tends to want to go to seed pretty quick when it gets hot. I have to watch out my broccoli doesn’t do the same. I’ve got to get in there and pick it as long as the heads are tight.

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    • Thank you, Erika! I have to pick broccoli when it is small and tight, too. It gets too hot in Texas. One of our ladies of the Community Garden grew a cauliflower. It was small, but a nice looking head. Unfortunately, we missed to pick it before the frost came through. It killed the plant. Lesson learned! Throughout the Winter season, I grew the plants in pots inside the greenhouse. Now, when the night temperatures sink close to the freezing point, I’ll cover them up in the raised beds. During the days, we have warm 20 – 25 Celsius. I’m determined. And I don’t give up so easily. Sometimes, it takes me years to figure it out. But once I have success the excitement is even bigger. 😀

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    • Thank you! It’s beginning to get much warmer here in North Texas, too. The day temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s. At night, we are in the 60s. This is the perfect time and temperature to grow food. In July/August, I have to keep pumpkins and sunflowers alive, because we will be in the 3-digits for weeks. Yes, I have to start more Summer planting as well. 😀

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