March Blue Moon

This morning at 7:37 a.m. (CDT), we had the second Full Moon of March. Therefore it is called a Blue Moon. This year we had two Blue Moons. The first one occurred on January 31st. Today’s Moon is also the first Moon of Spring. And it is called the Sap Moon. Because, this is the time of the year the sap weeps from the Maple trees.


The Blue/Sap Full Moon on March 31, 2018

The next Blue Moon will occur on October 31, 2020 … Spooky Full Moon πŸ˜‰

Thumper & Friends


In 2011 we were at Walt Disney World (this was my 3rd trip to WDW). Two of the many characters we met were Thumper an his girlfriend. On the first day, we saw only Thumper. And we’ve got a photo with him and Katelynn together. A few days later, we went back to Animal Kingdom. And this time, Thumper was accompanied by his lady friend.


Our Cute Lil’ “Bunny”


Since this Sunday will be Easter, I dug out a couple of photos of our little ” Easter Bunny”, Sara. When she was younger, she loved those bunny ears. I remember, I always had to get four or five of them, so she could wear them at any season. When one of those ears broke, we had back up ears for her. Isn’t she spoiled rotten? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰


“Hey, You Are Not A Bird!”

Mr. Squirrel finally got evicted from our attic on Sunday. Kevin saw Mr. Squirrel hanging around in the backyard. And he used the opportunity to close the holes, the Squirrel gnawed into to the netting , which leads into the attic. It might be only a temporarily fix. But I haven’t heard any tenants upstairs since.

Today, Mr. Squirrel found some goodies in the tube feeder. That feeder supposed to be for the cardinals and the finches. But a hungry squirrel doesn’t care. He got himself an easy fix of seeds and berries, this morning. When I let Luis out, he will make friends with the squirrel. My cats would chase him over the fence and all the way down the alley. But then, they wouldn’t come home for several hours or end up in the shelter. So, I let that critter eat my bird seeds as always. Let’s just hope, he doesn’t find his way back into the attic.

Decollate Snail

Since it rained a lot in North Texas today, I have quite a few snails and slugs creeping all over my front porch. I picked one and watched it for a while, before I did a photo shoot with it.

Here are a couple of cool facts: The Decollate Snail is original from the Mediterranean in Europe. It has been introduced to North America as a biological control agent to keep the population of the brown garden snail in check.

Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden (Phase 1/Part I)


Last year in May, I started building a sanctuary for hummingbirds and butterflies. It got warmer, and I was rethinking my plan, if I really wanted to build it that bulky in my backyard. Earlier this year, a lady showed me some photos how her husband is building her a butterfly garden in her front yard. I really liked his idea. And that gave me my own idea, how I want to build my hummingbird/butterfly garden in the front yard. I also looked up, what kind of native flowers would be good for our garden.

The front yard gets sun all day. In Summer, we have long stretches of no rainfall. So, the best flowers are natives which can handle the Texas droughts very well. Salvia, Verbena, Mint, Hyssop and Milkweed attract hummingbirds and butterflies. And for the bees it is paradise.

The first part was to put a water fountain in the corner by the entrance. I had the water fountain sitting in my backyard for the last three years. It would make a nice accent in the hummingbird/butterfly garden. And when those little birds and insects are thirsty, they will have a place to quench their thirst. After I cleaned out the corner, I put down the cinder blocks from the back yard. In the front, I put those stones, which make nice circles. And I put a cinder block in the center to have a solid base the fountain, later. Once the stones were in place, I filled everything in with soil.

The following morning, I cleaned up the fountain and sat it on the center cinder block. Kevin installed the pump and got the extension cord plugged in. We filled the fountain with water and turned it on. Ta-ta! The fountain works like a charm. I planted some Blue Mealy Sage, Catnip, Bluebonnet and Pineapple Sage. Sara helped me sowing Morning Glory seeds, before I put the trellis up. But first I filled in the space between the house foundation and the cinder blocks with some mulch. I wanted to leave some space, in case the fountain begins to leak or the soil gets too wet. I don’t want mold on the house wall, due to no air flow. But there is a good layer of mulch to avoid weed growth in that narrow space behind the fountain.

On Sunday, I got mulch around the lowest cinder blocks to cover them up. I planted Scarlet Sage at that level. After I was done mulching, I sat the fairy houses around the fountain. Katelynn and Sara want the fairies to live in our front yard, again. “We definitely need to welcome our garden fairies back”, Sara insisted. Okay, said, done! πŸ˜‰

For the next couple of days will be thunder storms in the forecast. This is a good way to test, how everything will hold up. And what will need improvement. Once it tries up again, I have to pull more grass and weeds to plant more native flowers. It will be a big front yard project. The first step is done. And the rest will follow. πŸ™‚ I’m excited!


Snapdragon And Sweet William

By reading the headline of this blog, I had to smile for moment. The names remind me a little bit of Medieval times and the myths of knights fighting dragons. πŸ˜‰ It’s another nice Spring day, today. I planted the Snapdragon and Sweet William with some other blooms in my greenhouse last October. They seemed a little bit dormant through the Winter months. And now, they both come back in full bloom. I love all the pink and rosΓ© colors. They warm my heart. ❀