2018, In The Garden

More Seeds For This Gardening Season

Last Sunday, I ordered more seeds from Botanical Interests. Since they have free shipping on all their orders throughout the months of February, I had to use this opportunity to also get some seeds I usually can’t get in my local nursery. Today, the package arrived. When I opened it, I could tell it was put together with Love. The order was complete. And it had some extras: a Mesclun salad seed package, a seed guide, and a sticker. Now, I’m excited and can barely wait until the weather becomes warmer and I can work in the garden again.

3 thoughts on “More Seeds For This Gardening Season”

    1. Five years ago, I bought some seeds. Because their package design looks cute. I was surprised, I had a sprouting grade of over 95%. It was worth the extra pennies. So, I’ve stuck with the company. My local nursery sells a good variety of Botanical Interests seeds. But they also have only so much space. If I want something extra, I wait for a deal and order some seeds. 🙂

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