Year of The Dog ~ 2018

The Chinese New Year begins in China on February 16th, on the second New Moon of 2018. Here in the western hemisphere we still have the 15th, while China is celebrating the Year of the Dog. There are twelve zodiacs. Each zodiac is for approximately one year. Therefore a zodiac repeats itself every twelve years. Next time we have a Dog year will be in 2030.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Year of The Dog!

Planting Bulb Flowers

It is perfect weather for doing some garden work and plant some bulbs, before the temperatures will drop tomorrow, again.  In the greenhouse I added half a dozen of tulips and half a dozen of narcissus. The narcissus won’t take long, before they will open and show their pretty flower faces. The tulips need a little bit longer. In the garden, I planted some bulbs of Canna Lilies, Crocosmia, Dahlias, and Tiger Lilies for Late Spring to Autumn.