2018, In The Garden

Growing New Celery From Old Celery

Last week, I put the end piece of a celery stalk in a bowl of water to force new growth. I did this with green onions and romaine lettuces before, and could plant them in the soil for years to come. But for some reason, I had no luck with celery. It always began to rot in the water or in the soil. Well, I don’t give up so easy when it comes to plants anyway. So, here is my “gazillionth” attempt to grow celery from celery, again. I’ll keep you updated. It either will grow, and I’ll post more pics, or it will die and I’ll let you know. Wish me luck. 😉

Another attempt to grow new celery from an old celery bulb.


Update on February 10, 2018: The last few weeks, the stems and leaves of the celery grew much longer. I’m still hesitant to put it in soil. It has some roots. But I’m afraid, it will rot in the dirt. Maybe I let it mature a little longer and wait until it becomes warmer outside, before I make that decision.

The stems and leaves of the celery grew quite a bit over the last few weeks.


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