Travel Journal, Day 3 (Part II): Downtown Disney

December 26, 2017


Downtown Disney

Driving along the coast on Interstate 5 was very relaxing. Usually the road is a gridlock the further it goes toward Los Angeles. But due to the fact that it was a day after Christmas, we had a clear shot to Anaheim. Arriving in Anaheim, we went to the hotel to check in first. Since we arrived early in the day, and it was too soon for having lunch, we decided to go to Downtown Disney. I love Downtown Disney, but … oh boy … I can drop some $$ every time I go there. 😀 We looked at some stores. The girls played with Lego, before we went to the World of Disney. After purchasing Disney jackets for all four of us, and Kevin got us a new Christmas tree skirt, which I always wanted, I had enough of spending money. On a good note: The tree skirt was way cheaper at Disney, than the price I’ve seen at other online stores.

Around noon we drove to eat lunch in Orange, which is the next town over from Anaheim. After refreshing and resting at the hotel for a couple of hours, we went to see Kevin’s uncle, aunt, and cousins. They invited us for a nice home cooked dinner, which was so appreciated after being on the road for the last three days. We all had a good time. Our girls enjoyed talking to Kevin’s cousins. Katelynn was very little, when she visited California back in 2006. Sara met her grandmother’s family side for the first time. They all had a lot to share. After a few hours, we went back to the hotel. The next day would be a long day in Disneyland.

… to be continued …