The Lunar Eclipse of January 2018

It was a perfect morning with no cloud in the sky, temperatures in the mid 40s (7ºC); the Moon was still up and hadn’t set yet. If I hadn’t made the toilet my best friend last night, I would have gone to the field next to Sara’s school this morning. But I needed to stay close by my house. And so I decided to capture the show from my frontyard. Now thinking about it, it actually gives the photos more personal character. I can relate to it more, since I captured it from my own street. Sometimes certain moments work out for the best. 🙂


Next “Blue Moon”

I’ve just noticed, we will have no Full Moon in February. But therefore we will have a second Blue Moon in March for this year. It also depends, were you live on the planet, and at what time the Full Moon phases will be present, f.e. Far East Asia, Australia, etc. had no Blue Moon. Because their Full Moon phase was on February 1, 2018.

2018, In The Garden

Mickey & Minnie Garden Decoration

Since about five years I’m looking for cute Mickey & Minnie garden statues. The ones I found online were either made out of poor material or out of my price range. Yesterday, I went to a local store. And there they were sitting in the shelf: Mickey & Minnie about 10 inches tall, hard plastic material, and for only $10/each. I had to “adopt” these two sweet mice, where they can make adorable decorations between the flowers in my greenhouse from here on forward. I might do something extra with them for Valentine’s Day. 💞💖💗

2018, In The Garden

“Screw It! I Will Keep Gardening Anyway!”

… was my thought this morning. The North Texas nights are around the freezing point. And during the day, we get mild temperatures of upper 60s to low 70s (20ºC – 22ºC). It supposed to get cooler by the end of the week. But I’m tired to wait for Spring. And by that time, I have to plant the Spring/Summer crop.

Over the last years, I gained quite a bit of knowledge in gardening. And I’m still learning a lot. What grows best, and what crop I should stay away from in our region. But I’m also very stubborn and try and try and try. Sometimes I outgrow the advises, and put pumpkins and squashes in the garden, anyway. I curse the squash vine borers. But if it wasn’t for that one or two pumpkins, I probably had given up already. 😀

The Texas roller coaster weather throws another challenge in my direction. Over the last few weeks, I lost some crop due to the daily temperature changes. I watched carefully, what survived in the Community Garden, the Church Garden and my own garden. I just keep adding to it. My family likes their cabbages and kale. And screw it! I will keep gardening, anyway!!!!” 😉

2018, In The Garden

Busy Sunday

Today, I did several loads of laundry. Sara cleaned her room and wanted her bedding washed and dried. In the meantime, I cooked fajitas for lunch. And I cleaned out the greenhouse, which was very unorganized and therefore a big mess. Now the greenhouse looks pretty, again. But the garden around it needs a lot of work. The weather supposed to be nice and mild the next few days. That’s perfect timing to use the chance to clean up before the arrival of Spring gardening. It feels good, having something back in order. After I’m done, I have to finish helping Sara making her bed. She’s good with it, but can use some help from Mommy. 😉 Kevin has flu-like symptoms and felt weak all weekend. :/ He tries to help, but gets tired very fast. It’s the best, he takes it easy and rests.

My little hummingbird sanctuary next to the greenhouse. Hopefully, I can can get it back to this beauty in Summer, again. 🙂

Beautiful January Evening (1)

After the rain last night, we had a cloud covered sky in the morning. But it cleared up with temperatures in the upper 60s in the afternoon. This evening, no cloud was in sight. And short after sunset I went outside and captured some photos of the waxing gibbous Moon and tree silhouettes, before it got too dark.


Bill Allen Memorial Park In January

The weather was too nice to stay inside the house. I decided to drive for a little photo hike over to Bill Allen Memorial Park. Some disc golf players had the same idea. They used this beautiful weather for a little match between friends. I was surprised, not very many birds and critters were out and about. But they might have been further back in the forested area, due to more visitors in the park. Right now, the vegetation is still dormant at Bill Allen Memorial Park. As same as in my yard, everything is still in gray/beige colors. I can’t wait until Spring arrives and Nature begins to wake up, again. But until then, we deal with the Texas Winter beauty.

2018, In The Garden

Growing New Celery From Old Celery

Last week, I put the end piece of a celery stalk in a bowl of water to force new growth. I did this with green onions and romaine lettuces before, and could plant them in the soil for years to come. But for some reason, I had no luck with celery. It always began to rot in the water or in the soil. Well, I don’t give up so easy when it comes to plants anyway. So, here is my “gazillionth” attempt to grow celery from celery, again. I’ll keep you updated. It either will grow, and I’ll post more pics, or it will die and I’ll let you know. Wish me luck. 😉

Another attempt to grow new celery from an old celery bulb.


Update on February 10, 2018: The last few weeks, the stems and leaves of the celery grew much longer. I’m still hesitant to put it in soil. It has some roots. But I’m afraid, it will rot in the dirt. Maybe I let it mature a little longer and wait until it becomes warmer outside, before I make that decision.

The stems and leaves of the celery grew quite a bit over the last few weeks.



Waxing Crescent Moon In January 2018

Waxing Crescent Moon on January 23, 2018

Mark your calendar for January 31, 2018. In eight more day, people will experience a triple treat in most parts of our planet. Next Wednesday, we will still have a perigee Moon (Supermoon), a Blue Moon (second Full Moon in a month) and a Lunar Eclipse. But until then, we can enjoy the waxing Moon on those clear evenings.


Can’t Get Enough Peanuts

This morning was a lot of commotion in my yard. I refilled the feeder. And I added some raw peanuts to the mix. The Blue Jays went literally nuts over them. When one Blue filled its beak and flew off, the next Blue Jay came and filled its beak as much it could fit in there. About four jays showed up to get peanuts. It looked kinda amusing, watching the birds being so greedy. I had to get my camera and capture some photos of one of the Blue Jays.