The New Dining Set

Kevin and I drove to a furniture distribution center in Arlington this morning. It supposed to be a surprise. But Kevin was too excited and told me, I’m getting the dining set I saw in a local furniture store for Christmas. The girls knew it. And they kept it a secret. “Oh Daddy, why did you tell Mom about the secret. It supposed to be her Christmas present from all of us?” Katelynn asked Kevin, while she had the look of disappointment written all over her face. I played it off, saying: “Yeah, we’ll get the set this morning. But don’t tell Mom! It’s a secret! 😉 ” She had to laugh.

After Kevin put the table together, we both agreed it needs place mats and a nice fruit bowl as a center piece. So we had to go shopping, again. The girls need some more presents under the tree. They grow out of their clothes so quick. A couple of shirts and pants will do. And these cozy, fluffy sock are the hit in our house in Winter time.