Joshua’s Birthday & Adoption Anniversary

Yesterday was Joshua’s 8th Birthday. And today is an even more important day for him. Five years ago a three old cat sat in the shelter and was looking for a furever home, before he came to our household. Since then, he became a great member of our family.


Joshua at his favorite activity 😉

Happy belated Birthday & Adoption Anniversary, Josh’!

North Texas Backyard Wildlife In December

The days become shorter and cooler. Winter is almost here. I’ve noticed more and more birds come back to visit my feeder, again. This morning, I added some peanuts for the Blue Jays. Mr. Blue Jay made his brunch time announcement. And Mrs. Cardinal flew from the neighbor’s tree in to mine. Her mate and Mr. Finch followed her. After all the birds enjoyed their meals, they sat in the tree in rested for a bit. A full birdie tummy feels good in this roller coaster weather.