Luis & Chewbacca

The weather is perfect to sit in the backyard. When I opened the patio door to walk out, two furry heads peeked up from the couch. Luis and Chewbacca looked at me: “Can we come outside with you?” “Of course, you can play outside. Come on, let’s go!”, I replied to them. Off they hopped from the couch. Luis ran out first, and Chewbacca followed right behind him. Luis rolled around in the “dead” grass, while Chewbacca watched a leaf falls to the ground. The rays of the Autumn sun makes them both feel good.

Chewbacca chases a grasshopper in the Autumn foliage, while Luis “talks” to his buddy two fences down across the alley. After the grasshopper escaped from the cat, Chewbacca comes back to rub his fur against Luis: “Hey, what were you two talking about?” “The usual conversation: sleep, eat, poop, chasing a wabbit … He ate his owner’s shoe this morning”, Luis replies. “Dogs are weird!” Chewbacca noticed. Luis looks at Chewbacca: “Hahaha! Says the one, who sits on top of the roof and licks his butt for the whole neighborhood to watch it!” “You do, too!!!” “Yeah, but not on top of the roof, buddy.” … Yeah, they are really an odd couple. But as their Momma, I wouldn’t want it any other way. 😉


Vitruvian Christmas Lights

Last year, our local photography group had a field meeting to capture the Christmas lights in the Vitruvian Park in Addison. This was my first visit at that park. And I really enjoyed it. Going late November or early December is the best time for photography. The park is not as crowded than toward the end of the season. Here are some photos I’ve captured, while we were at the Vitruvian Park.


Christmas Lights & Tree

It’s this time of year, again. Traditionally, the lights and the Christmas tree go up in and around our house the day after Thanksgiving. Kevin works on the Christmas lights going along the roof, and Katelynn works on setting up the Christmas tree in the front room. Sara helps both of them. And I make sure, everything goes to the right spot. And of course, Joshua is the inspector to make sure, Daddy installed the light as they supposed to be.

… and this evening I had the chance to photograph the Christmas lights at dusk. Sara had a friend over. And they were dancing around our little “Charlie Brown Tree”.

2017, In The Garden

My First Succulents

I remember when I was little, my paternal grandmother used to love cacti. And she also had them for years. Every year, she re-potted some of them. And therefore, she had her fingers bricked by a gazillion of the stingers. But she didn’t care, because she loved these plants so much. I like them too, but not that much. I love the beauty and sight of cacti. And I love the fact, that these plants can live without water for months. Their blossoms look so beautiful.

So, to make this story short: I went to the local nursery to get a small Juniper and a Pine tree for the Christmas season. While I made my choices on these trees, I stumbled across a shelf with succulents. The ones with the ceramic pile of books caught my interest. And I decided to take one home. It contains an Aloe Vera, a Jade, a Lety’s Sedeveria, a Portylacaria Afra, and a Wax Agave. The girls are fascinated, and keep asking: “Are these real plants?” After I explained a few facts about succulents to the girls, they just keep looking at these small plants. Let’s see, how we will do in a few months. 😉

Aloe Vera, Jade, Lety’s Sedeveria, Portylacaria Afra, and Wax Agave