Joshua Loves October

Joshua loves this time of the year. It’s not too warm and not too cold outside. When the sun shines, the weather is perfect for a stroll in the neighborhood. Bird-watching, mice-chasing, sun-bathing, playing a prank on the dogs, bouncing and catching bugs are daily adventures.

Tonight, Joshua sits at the front door and watches the branches on the trees moved by the wind. Here and there a leaf falls to the ground. His eyes focus on the fallen foliage. But then his tummy reminds him, he wants to come inside for dinner. “Meow! I want to come in! Meow!” Sara opens the door, and Joshua walks straight to his food bowl. Yeah, it was a beautiful October afternoon for a cat. Time to eat, and then some grooming, before Joshua will make himself comfortable on the blanket in the master bedroom.

Joshua waits patiently under the Halloween lights by the front door.

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