Young Bobcats At The Colony Nature Trail

A couple of years ago, I did some bird watching on a local trail. On my way walking back I wanted to see, if I can a better look at those little chickadees. When I stepped of the trail, something jumped into the bushes. Hmm, that was bigger than a squirrel or a rabbit?! I tried to see what it was. There was this little bobcat. First I thought it was a cat. But shortly later it dawned on me. This little one just laid in the foliage and enjoyed the warming rays of the sun. It’s sibling was shy; the one that jumped further back into the bushes. After years of waiting to capture a bobcat on camera, I’ve got rewarded with two kittens. ❤

My guess: Since they were really close to the houses in our community, their den must have been flooded due to the high water levels of Lewisville Lake in 2015. I always kept an eye out for Momma Bobcat. And I really didn’t want to run into her. She must have been hunting for lunch, while she left the kittens under the safer shrubs. One of the kittens decided to come out and bask in the sun. And that’s how I almost stumbled over them.


I discovered this little bobcat kitten at The Colony Nature Trail a couple of years ago.

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

Last year, we visited the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm/Preston Trail Farms in Gunter, Texas.

October 2, 2016

Kevin, Katelynn, Sara, and I visited the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at the Preston Trail Farms in Gunter, Texas; for the first time at this morning. After we paid admission, we got each a cup of fodder for the livestock and tickets for hotdogs. The girls wanted to go straight to the animals. Katelynn enjoyed feeding the goats, sheep, cows, and longhorns. On the other hand, Sara wasn’t so sure about that. She was a little bit shy, and didn’t want to get her hands bitten. But after Katelynn was showing her, how to hold the fodder in her hands, she fed the smaller goats and the lambs.

We also enjoyed the hayride. A tractor pulls five wagons around a trail with a hay field in the middle. While riding along, we read signs about a ‘missing farmer’. The story is a little bit spooky at first. But at the end we all were laughing. The pond had several ducks and ‘Texas-size’ bullfrogs sitting at the edge of the water.

While Kevin and Katelynn walked through the hay maze, Sara wanted to finish feeding the animals. This time she was more courageous and fed the bigger goats, too.

After the walk-through, we enjoyed our hotdogs, which were yummy. We went through the store to look at some hardware items. And the girls had their eyes on some farm toys, before we left the farm.

Overall, we had a wonderful Sunday morning on the Preston Trail Farms. Since we went there early, we avoided the crowd and the heat. The girls loved to spent time with the farm animals.

The farm will have ‘The Big Orange Farm’ event until November 23, 2016 (the weekend before Thanksgiving). They are open from Sunday through Saturday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. And the admission is $8 per person. The fodder, maze, hayride, and hotdog were included. We also purchased chips and soda for $1.50 extra per person. During the week the farm offers pumpkin pie, instead.

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