New Desktop Computer

Well, well, well … my laptop started to act up and constantly lock up, this afternoon. Kevin looked at it and said, the hard drive is having issues. After a short discussion with him, I decided I wanted to go back to a desktop. I love my laptop. But it is time to get a new hard drive, and then hand it down to Katelynn. Her desktop is way to big and outdated. It needs to retire. And getting Mommy’s laptop will be the world for her.

Kevin and I shopped around and found a nice hp desktop computer. This evening, we sat everything up. Now I can work on my blogs, again. Blogging on a regular basis became essential for me over the last several months. It is an almost daily ritual. And using Kevin’s computer was out of the question. After a new floor, I also have a new computer. 😉


My new hp desktop computer ❤

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