Busy Construction Week

As I mentioned yesterday, we are getting our floors done in the house. Yay! Since I have my internet hotspot on my phone, not so Yay! The construction worker said, it shouldn’t take longer than Thursday to get tiled floors. After that, I have to re-surface and paint the walls in the front room. I hope, by then I can set up the modem, again. I rather like to work on a desk anyway. My laptop sits on an mandarin orange box, right now. LOL And my back’s hurting from hunching over.

Here is a photo to give you an idea, how the tiles will look like, once they are installed. It will have this natural look of hardwood floors. But they are tiles. And they will be so much easier to clean, since I have two kids, two dogs, two cats, and a husband in the house.


The construction worker showed me, how the tiles will look like when they are installed. And I love the color in real daylight.

I’ll see y’all towards the end of the week and will report about the new floor in our house.

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