Sneaky, Little Critter

While I uploaded pictures on my laptop, I noticed some movement from the corner of my eye, outside the window. Mr. Squirrel came over for breakfast. Since the blue jays ate all the peanuts, I put for them in a coat hanger/slinky feeder, the squirrel ran up the other branch and tried to climb down on the bird feeder from above. What a sneaky, little guy! I don’t know, if he got a snack. When Mr. Squirrel saw my dog, which was behind the patio door, he ‘froze’ for a moment, before he jumped into the other tree to watch everything from a safe distance.

Now, Joshua, one of my Mainecoon cats, sits on the roof of the dog house and pretends to be on guard duty. In reality he looks for a fresh bird snack. 😀

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