Daisy, The Scarecrow

In Spring I was pinning some garden ideas on Pinterest, when I stumbled over several pictures of DIY-scarecrows. I had store-bought scarecrows for over a decade. They make good centerpieces for Autumn outdoor decorating. But when I came across those photos, I wanted to create one myself.

Now, I found an old jeans Sara used to wear when she was little. The top I found in a second-hand store. And the rest of the material, I’ve got from a craft store.

At this morning I started working  on Ms. Daisy, again. I had the supporting cross beams and the jeans already in place, from preparing her a couple of days ago. Today I finished her by pulling her top over the cross beam; filled her clothes with straw; got the head mounted on top; gave her some hair, a cute face made out of burlap with googly eyes, and a nose I made previously for a snowman project; and glued the hat on her head. Then I put some finishing touches on Ms. Daisy, to make her look festive for Autumn. In between, I’ve got my finger burned on the hot glue gun. It hurt quite a bit. And I have a blister to proof it. OUCH! Kevin would call it a ‘battle wound’. I call it ‘@#$%!’ 😀

After Ms. Daisy was done, I looked at her, and I ‘fell in love’ with her. I’m proud of my creation. She is perfect. And she makes me smile, every time I walk in and out of the house. On top of that, she looks so adorable with all the Autumn decoration surrounding her.

When Sara came home, I let her choose the name for the scarecrow. She said, she wants to name her DAISY. ❤

NOTE: Originally posted in “The Barefoot Garden Fairy” on September 14, 2016.