Dinosaur Valley State Park II

This morning, Kevin and I made a spontaneous decision what we gonna do with this beautiful sunny Sunday. Kevin suggested, we could drive to Oklahoma and hike in the Wichita Mountains. I wasn’t so sure, if I was up for a long ride just to walk around for a couple of hours. “What about the Dinosaur Valley State Park? We always wanted to see the dinosaur foot prints in the river. Katelynn would love to see it. And the girls would have a blast to play in the water.” Kevin agreed, we might want to take a shorter trip.

Arriving at the State Park, we went straight to the pool with the dinosaur foot prints. Katelynn could tell us exactly what print belonged to what dinosaur. Yes, she is that good with her knowledge of the Jurassic time period. These foot prints are very impressive. One of the pictures shows, how big some of these dinosaurs must have been. The girls stand together in one of these big impressions.

Chasing little fish and playing in the Paluxy River, was the highlight of the day. Sara decided to run and got on a slippery spot. She fell right on her bum. The look in her face was hilarious. She couldn’t believe, she got all wet. I ensured, it was alright. It’s warm, and she needed a good play time. Kevin and I sat in the shade by the shore and kept an eye on the girls.

It was a perfect day to get out and do something outdoors. We got some magnet stones from the Dinosaur World store. The magnets kept Katelynn and Sara busy on the way home. It’s nice having a drama free ride once in a while. πŸ˜‰

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