Fun At The Splash Zone

This afternoon, we went to the RCJ Machado Potluck Picnic in Carrollton. Katelynn and Sara had a blast with their Jiu Jitsu friends at the Splash Zone. The food and atmosphere was great. And the weather was perfect. Here are some photos from the girls enjoying the party:


The State Fair of Texas Begins Today

It’s State Fair time in Texas. Today, the fair will open its doors at 10:00 am and will be open until October 22, 2017. For this event, I pulled up some pictures from our last year’s visit:


Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins (Part II)

It’s Friday, again! And what does that mean? Yes TGIF … it’s the end of the work week. But it also means, I will post more pumpkin pictures. Here is Part II of my pumpkin carving adventures from the past: Halloween 2008-2010


Blue Jays Love Peanuts

At this morning I re-filled the bird feeders, again. Since the blue jays and Mr. Squirrel love peanuts, I always put some in the slinky feeder. Well, it didn’t take long until one of the blue jays landed on top of the dog house to see, how it can get one of those peanuts out of the slinky.  Seconds later the jay jumped up, pulled a peanut out and flew with it to higher grounds. He/She had to work a little bit, before it could get that peanut. The shelled nut didn’t come out of the slinky so easily. But since blue jays love challenges, it seemed to be a ‘fun game’ for the bird.

The blue jay hangs on to the slinky for dear life, to pull a peanut out of it.

… And Then It Began To Rain. …

After I was riding on an emotional roller coaster all day, I sat with my girls outside and waited for the rain to roll in. Sara was playing with her yoyo. And Katelynn talked about her day in school. When Kevin came home from his workout, it was time for the girls to get ready for bed. It’s their reading and relaxing time to wind down from the day.

And then it began to rain. I still sat on the ground of the front porch, looked at the fairy light and started to meditate. I closed my eyes, thought of all the beautiful things I have in life and listened to the rain falling on the ground. The air became cleaner, and it was easier to breathe. I almost fell asleep. 😀 But I also feel mentally so much better. At the end it turned out to be a good evening, tonight. ❤

My fairy lights help me to relax.
2017, In The Garden

Autumn Fruits And Vegetables In The Colony Church/Community Garden

This morning was cool enough to get some work done at the Community Garden. My bed desperately needed some clean up. The squash bugs got to my zucchini plant, and some of the flowers were just wilted from the heat of Summer. One of my sunflowers was ready to get harvested. And I needed to make some room for more Autumn/Winter vegetables.

After the clean-up and watering, Christi and Wally harvested quite a bit of okra for the food bank. I can see a delicious gumbo in the future. 😉 Meanwhile, I walked around and captured photos of both gardens. When it gets a little bit cooler here in North Texas, we all will be much busier building more raised beds, cleaning out the older raised beds and get the garden ready for the Autumn/Winter season. Here you can see what’s growing in the gardens right now:


New Desktop Computer

Well, well, well … my laptop started to act up and constantly lock up, this afternoon. Kevin looked at it and said, the hard drive is having issues. After a short discussion with him, I decided I wanted to go back to a desktop. I love my laptop. But it is time to get a new hard drive, and then hand it down to Katelynn. Her desktop is way to big and outdated. It needs to retire. And getting Mommy’s laptop will be the world for her.

Kevin and I shopped around and found a nice hp desktop computer. This evening, we sat everything up. Now I can work on my blogs, again. Blogging on a regular basis became essential for me over the last several months. It is an almost daily ritual. And using Kevin’s computer was out of the question. After a new floor, I also have a new computer. 😉

My new hp desktop computer ❤

Fruits of Autumn

At this time of the year, it is so important to eat our fruits and vegetables to boost our immune system for Winter. Living in a suburb of two big Texan cities and getting in contact with lots people on a daily basis, our body gets challenged even more.

It is Autumn. Apples, grapes and pumpkins are in season, right now. Hmmm, I can also see apple cakes with caramel and pumpkin-cheesecakes in the near future. And not to forget the sweet smell of pumpkin spice will be in the air. Yummy!


Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins (Part I)

Autumn is here and Halloween is on it’s way. In the following weeks, it will get very busy in our family: both girls’ birthdays are coming up; we have some 5K-Runs and a Half Marathon on it’s way; the State Fair of Texas begins in one week; and of course there are a couple of Halloween Parties in October as well.

Back in 2003 Kevin was on leave for Katelynn’s birth, from Iraq. Before he had to go back for another couple of months, we went to the Commissary. Kevin looked in a box filled with ‘Jack-o-Lantern’ and found the perfect pumpkin. That squash looked like it fell out of a painting or was in the story of Cinderella. Kevin knew, he couldn’t be with us for Halloween. And I wanted to make something really cute for Katelynn. Kevin and I found a booklet, and we picked the perfect stencil. Kevin said: “I want you to make the pumpkin as beautiful as you can, capture a few pictures, and send them to me on Halloween! I will be stuck in Iraq, again. But I want to be a part of it! It is Katelynn’s very first Halloween.” Said, done! Since our little family was ripped apart for this special day, the ‘Pumpkin 2003’ will always be my favorite. It was an emotional one. From that day on forward, I made a tradition out of the pumpkin carving. Every year, Katelynn gets her stenciled ‘Jack’. And when Sara came along, she got her own ‘Jack’, as well.

I will introduce some pumpkins every Friday throughout October. Enjoy, and maybe get inspirit! If you like to show me pictures of your Jack-o-Lantern, feel free to send me a link. I would love to see your artworks.