The Colony Shoreline Trail In August (2)

What is a better way to enjoy the birthday, when the kids are in school, and the husband is at work? That’s right. I do a little photo-hike along The Colony Shoreline Trail. And I was lucky, today: I actually could capture a pondhawk in mid-flight; several Great Egrets were close to the shoreline; a Great Blue Heron was on water watch directly on the edge of the trail; and a squirrel and enjoyed a fresh osage orange.

First Day Back To School

WOOHOO, we made it! Yes, we made it through over twelve weeks of Summer Break. The last couple of weeks, Katelynn and Sara couldn’t wait to go back to school. The boredom and arguments got bigger by the days. Yeah, it was definitely time for school to start, again.

At this morning the kids were up by 5:45 a.m. By 6:15 a.m., they wanted to go to school. I had to tell them several times, that we have time for at least another hour. “But we can’t wait to see our friends and teachers, again!”, they said a little bit impatiently, because time didn’t go by fast enough. I’ll promise you, by Friday I have to wake them up. And I’ll get: “Can I stay in bed for another five minutes?”

But today, I enjoy that the nest is empty for the next several hours. It’s my Birthday, and my “Me”-time. When they both get home, they will flood me with stories; papers, which need to be filled out and signed; and what else the teachers said, the girls need bring to school by the end of the week. YES! Everything goes back to “normal”, again. ❤