The Fairy Garden

A year ago, fairies moved into our garden. They liked the flowers in the frontyard and decided to stay. When Sara came home from school, there was a little fairy house standing on a brick under the gourd vines. She noticed it immediately and asked me: “How did the fairy house get there?” “The fairies must have built it over night”, I answered. Sara was excited, she had fairies in her yard. And of course, she had to show the little house to all her friends.

Last week the fairies added a teapot house, so they would have more space to live in the garden. Sara was happy to see, the fairies still like to live in our yard. Her little friend was asking, why the fairies live only in our garden and not in her’s. Sara said: “Maybe, when you ask your Mom and Dad, if they can plant some flowers and herbs, the fairies will build a house in your garden too.” That was such a cute answer. Sara’s friend said: “Yeah, I have to ask my Mommy. She wants to plant some flowers in the backyard. Maybe the butterflies and then the fairies will visit.” In the meantime, they both enjoy looking at the little fairy houses and the garden lights, before it is bedtime.

Today, the fairies decided to stay in. There are some remnances of Hurricane Harvey coming in. It’s too wet for the fairies to help the butterflies, bees, dragonflies and hummingbirds. They all try to stay safe and dry from the rain.

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