Restless Joshua

Since Finley crossed the rainbow bridge, Joshua started with his restlessness at night. In the beginning Josh’ seemed to be fine. But the meowing and scratching from 2-5 am becomes more frequent, again. We always leave some food and water for the cats out. I pick him up, pet him for a little bit and take him to bed with me. He’s quiet for 15 minutes, and then he starts all over with the “Meeooow!” *scratch, scratch, scratch*. It is nerve-wrecking, because school will start soon. The girls wake up from all that commotion. During the day, Joshua is tired and sleeps on our bed all day. He acts like, nothing happened and snoozes in the bedroom.


After a restless night, Joshua sleeps on our bed during the day.

I wonder if there is a critter or another cat in our yard, at that above mentioned time. But then again, Chewbacca would cause ruckus as well. Chewie usually sleeps all snug up with Luis on the dog bed. Maybe it’s Joshua’s way to mourn for his late friend. He probably misses Finley very much. I’m also aware of cats being noctural. But Joshua makes aweful lots of noises for the last five weeks.