Bearded Dragons

The daughter of my neighbor loves exotic animals. Therefore she has a few bearded dragons as pets. Once in a while I ask her, if I could capture some pictures of her dragons. And she’s all for it. I stumbled over the photos, when I was looking through some files. The dragons are so adorable. I love to do little photo-shootings with them. ❤

Blooms In The Colony Community Garden

Over the last few months, the Community Garden had some yield for the local pantry. And the plants still keep growing. Soon, we’ll plant for the Autumn/Winter garden. When the temperatures go down, it will be more pleasant to do some yard work. But in the meantime, we planted some flower and melon seeds, which can handle the Texas heat much better. The sunflowers will also provide some well needed shade. And they will make good poles for the beans, later. Zinnias love this kind of weather. And the watermelons and cantaloupe have a good warm start to produce. Usually, we’ll harvest the fruits by mid-November.