New Furniture & New Flooring For The House

Well if I hadn’t been bed-ridden due to a virus for a few days, I could have posted this a little bit earlier. But I’m glad, I feel much better and can move around in the house again.

On Tuesday, our king-size bed and Sara’s new bed have arrived at our house. Kevin put the king-size together the same day. And today, I finally could put the new “Rustic Texas Star” bedset on it. Last weekend, we finally decided on a head-board and frame. But we have to wait for it to arrive another month. That’s alright. It’s not rushing. We still have to get Sara’s new bed up and standing by this weekend. The in-laws will visit this following week. And in August, we’ll get new flooring done. The house will be a messy construction zone. I can not wait, until I mopped the last corner of the floors, painted the walls, and the furniture are back in place. But it will be so pretty, once it’s done. I definitely will keep you updated on the progress.

I love my new bed set, “Rustic Texas Star”.

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